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Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers are some of the most distinctive and beautiful flowers in the world. Well known examples of tropical flowers include orchids, rhizomes, gingers, hiconias and more. These flowers are said to be tropical because, as one would expect, they thrive naturally in tropical climates.

Since the kind of climate in which these flowers thrive is not common in American or Europe (Hawaii is really about the only exception), these are often called exotic flowers. However, that is not to say that all exotic flowers are tropical; exotic simply refers to the fact that the flowers come from a part of the world that is unfamiliar.

Typically the tropics region refers to the geographic region of Earth centered on the equator and going no further north than the Tropic of Cancer, and no further south than the Tropic of Capricorn. Again, some tropical flowers can be found in Hawaii, but for the most part these flowers cannot be grown in the states. They can, however, be imported.


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