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Flower Seeds

If you want to get started growing your own flowers, obviously one of the first things you need will be flower seeds. Even before you commit to buying the seeds, however, you should plan ahead and take under consideration your garden space, what you want it to look like, and how much sunlight the flowers you want will require. Some flowers grow best in constant sunlight, whereas others actually grow better in direct shade.

Once you have a rough game plan for the garden that you want, you can start investing in flower seeds. Some seeds need to be treated before planting, whereas others will be packaged ready for planting. It is always a good idea to find out the specific germination procedures of the flower seeds you purchase so that you know what to do. After you get the seeds you want, they should be planted very soon.

Most flower gardeners do not worry about planting flower seeds until late winter or early spring. Only a few types of flowers can be started in the fall and survive (as always, this depends on your specific climate conditions). For the most part, though, flower gardeners should start planning toward the end of winter so they are ready to go for the spring.


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