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Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have a unique appearance that can lead to a distinctive style of decoration, or can commemorate a special event long after fresh flowers have wilted. Many flowers dry quite easily and quickly, including violets, roses, zenias and more. It is possible to get dried flowers from a florist, or to dry them yourself.

If you opt for the latter tactic, there are several different methods of drying flowers out there. First of all, you can hang them in a well ventilated dark spot. Usually you need to do this by tying the flowers in the bundle and hanging them upside down—typically for about a week.

It is also possible to sand dry your flowers. To do this you have to place the flower in a box of sand, again for approximately a week. For this to work, the sand must not have any moisture. One of the advantages of this method is that the flower will retain its cup shape even after dried.

Flowers can also be dried in airtight containers or by using a desiccant. Once you have the dried flowers, you can use them to decorate photographs or invitations, you can place them in significant books that you have, you can place them on invitations, or many other options. If you are curious about some additional uses of dried flowers, you can always ask your nearby florist.


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